Esports for Development

Global Esports Federation (GEF) and Yunus Sports Hub are building a movement together to accelerate the contribution of the global esports community and industry to major social issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. If your community, company, organization or institution has initiated a project or scheme addressing social issues, join the movement and submit your Esports for Development intervention or program below.

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About the Movement

In October 2022, Yunus Sports Hub (YSH) and the Global Esports Federation (GEF) joined forces to launch and grow the “Esports for Development” movement. This strategic partnership is focused on social issues and advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. The primary aim of the Esports for Development (E4D) movement is to accelerate the contribution of the global esports community and industry to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together, the GEF and YSH will provide a platform to identify, build capacity and accelerate the development of impactful and financially sustainable initiatives based on the social business model, pioneered by 2006 Peace Nobel Laureate and Olympic Laurel awardee Professor Muhammad Yunus. Social business should play an essential role in the esports industry using the core of its innovative business practices and mechanisms and harnessing the creativity, diversity, and energy of the global esports community to make E4D financially self-sustainable. As a result, this joint initiative will capitalize on the experience, reach, and network of the two organizations to create the framework and conditions to inspire and mobilize action for E4D. Submit your project to join the movement and be part of a wide network of social business front runners, innovators, and prime movers of the esports community and have the opportunity to accelerate your own initiatives giving back to society in the most sustainable way.

The Roadmap

1. Map Existing Interventions

Develop a directory that features social impact projects and initiatives.

2. Understand Needs

Identify needs, support, solutions and processes to move further.

3. Build Capacity

Build capacity to accelerate each project based on its unique features, goals and needs.

4. Invest and Grow

Provide the necessary resources towards growth and sustainability.


Bringing together and learning from beneficiaries, experienced practitioners, organisations and stakeholders.


Incubating ideas from stakeholders of all shapes and sizes through a call for innovations and small investments.


Investing in and accelerating innovative ideas using a combination of mentoring, capacity building, and investment.


Evaluating, adjusting and reporting on the outputs and outcomes of the Hub and portfolio innovations.

Why Esports?

"Esports has the ability to reach people that other tools do not. The power to reach people in their homes, on their phones, on their computers, on their TVs. Children want to play games from a very young age. People with disabilities can play without limitations. It brings a lot of people together, regardless of age, background or even geography. Someone in Bangladesh can play football against someone in America without even leaving their home. This is powerful. I’m sure I’m not the first person who thought, wow, we must use this power for good. We must try and use Esports and games to address some of the human problems we are facing. So much innovation, so many resources, so many people. Imagine what we could change if we could bring all of these things together to tackle problems like the environment crisis, unemployment and skills. We must make sure that social principles are at the heart of Esports as it continues to grow in popularity around the world."

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Laureate and Olympic Laurel Awardee

Can't find your project?

Submit a current or planned initiative and join the global Esports for Development community.

Use of Information

Data collected as part of this directory is processed by Yunus Sports Hub and the Global Esports Federation. We avoid collection of personal data where possible, and any and all data collected is displayed publicly within the directory.

All project data and information will be displayed publicly on the directory to promote awareness of Esports for Development and the work being undertaken by organisations around the world. We hope that this platform will be used to generate attention and interest in the projects and interventions described, inspiring others to develop their own initiatives or support the work already taking place.